The Cost of Cancer


If a cancer diagnosis wasn’t stressful enough, the financial burden of treatment can make battling this disease all the more difficult. Fortunately, here at Beverly Oncology, we work tirelessly with every patient to make sure they are getting the treatment they need at a price that works for their budget.

Types of Cancer Treatment

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all treatment for cancer. While some patients may only require one form of treatment, others can require a mix of several. Typically, the cost of your treatment will depend on which plan you choose and how long it will last.


Surgery plays several options in cancer treatment — it can be used to diagnose cancers, detect if cancer has spread, or to remove tumors


Radiation therapy uses high doses of energy to destroy cancerous cells and prevent them from spreading. Depending on your type of cancer and what stage it’s in, radiation therapy can last for weeks, months, or years.

Pharmaceutical Therapy

From anti-nausea and pain medication to chemotherapy and immunotherapy, many cancer patients also require medication.

Indirect Costs Associated with a Cancer Diagnosis

Unfortunately, healthcare isn’t the only bill someone with cancer has to worry about. Cancer can also have an effect on other financial aspects of your life. In addition to treatment, cancer patients also have to consider:

  • Spending more money than usual on childcare.
  • Buying special food.
  • Transportation and hotel stays throughout treatment.
  • The potential of losing their job.
  • Mental health services.

Cost Should Never Affect Your Treatment Plan

We believe that cost should never prevent you from getting the treatment you need and deserve. It’s for that reason that we accept almost all insurances. For more information about whether or not we accept your insurance, please contact us directly.

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