The Importance of Good Mental Health During a Cancer Battle


Your body isn’t the only thing that changes after you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. Whether you were just recently diagnosed or have been receiving treatment for some time now, cancer can have a serious impact on your mental and emotional health.

Maintaining Your Mental Health While Fighting Cancer

Sadness, anxiety, anger, and fear are all universal responses to a cancer diagnosis, and each emotion is natural and valid. However, it’s important to work on improving your mental health after you’ve had time to grieve and process what’s happening.

  • Talk about your feelings. Whether with family, friends, or your doctor, it’s important to talk about your emotions. If you find it too difficult to talk with your loved ones, you may want to consider joining an emotional support group for people with cancer or those who recently went into remission.
  • Don’t put up a front. Because cancer can have a serious impact on your family and friends, it can be tempting to act like everything is okay when they ask how you’re doing. But unfortunately, “smiling through the pain” tends to just make patients feel isolated and even more upset.
  • Eat well-balanced meals. Cancer treatment can sometimes have an effect on your appetite and metabolism. Though your diet should be reviewed with your doctor, it’s important that patients eat enough calories throughout the day in order to give their body and spirit the fuel it needs.
  • Stay active. Speak with your doctor or oncologist about activities you’re well enough to do. A short walk once or twice a day can not only help you maintain your strength, but it’s also great for your mental health.
  • Focus on hobbies you enjoy. While it’s important to have an honest conversation about your mental health, your life doesn’t have to now revolve around your treatment.
  • Put yourself first. Especially for parents recently diagnosed, missing out on their children’s activities and events can be difficult. While it may be tempting to push yourself, so as to not let others down, now is the time to put your health first.

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