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CT Scans There is Always Hope, There is Always a Cure Rate

What is a CT Scan (Computed Tomography)?

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Computed tomography combines the use of X-rays with the latest computer technology. The (CT) system that is used by this facility creates cross-sectional images of your body. These images are sometimes referred to as "slices."

We remain committed to excellence through innovation, clinical skill, technology, and professional management with our only focus being to significantly restore the health of our patients. Call Beverly Oncology & Imaging today to learn more about CT Scans in Anaheim.

What Can CT Scans Detect?

CT Scans help us identify and locate tumors and blood clots, and diagnose individuals with cancer. They are essential in helping to inform our doctors of the tumor's shape and size. CT scans also help us track how successful a patient's treatments have been and can detect any changes.

Getting a CT Scan at Beverly Oncology

When you receive a CT scan at Beverly Oncology, you simply lie still on a moving table as it inches its way through a doughnut-shaped "gantry," or tunnel-like overhead. During the scan, the X-ray beams will spiral around your body, capturing "slices" that a computer will reconstruct into a complete image.

Because some of these slices are as thin as 0.5mm, the Aquilon and Asteion offer more detail than traditional X-ray. As a result, CT is an ideal way to accurately view the size, shape and position of soft tissue structures such as lung, liver kidneys and other internal organs.

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