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Beverly Oncology Special Care Options

Oncology Center

Doctor Thropay’s philosophy of patient care is to address patient’s need up front in order to minimize the impact that cancer treatment has on the lives of our patients. We make every effort in our power to accommodate our patients whether that means picking them up for appointments or taking extra time to listen to concerns. Here at Beverly Oncology & Imaging, we believe everyone deserves the best cancer care possible. Please explore our site to see if you might benefit from any of our programs.

Transportation: Helping You Keep Your Appointments

Beverly Oncology & Imaging provides transportation to and from all Beverly Oncology & Imaging Locations for patients in the area who qualify. Upon pick up, Beverly Oncology drivers safely assist you from your home into one of our vehicles, secure you in the vehicle, and drive you to your appointment. Our drivers are knowledgeable in securing wheelchairs and gurneys into our company vans for your safety and comfort.

For those who qualify, service is offered as a courtesy to our patients, as we know it is difficult for many of our patients to arrange transportation otherwise. Aiding our patients in keeping appointments helps maintain their treatment plans, which is a crucial part of success in battling cancer.

The development of our Transportation Department evidences Beverly Oncology & Imaging’s commitment to you and your family’s cancer treatment success. Please call and make an appointment today for a consultation and have Beverly Oncology & Imaging pick you up. To schedule your pick up, simply choose the Location of your appointment and call to speak with a Beverly Oncology & Imaging representative. You will receive a phone call verifying your request at least one hour before your pick up.

Please call your specific treatment office today to see if you qualify for our transportation service. We can be reached at (323) 685-4530.

Every Woman Counts Eligibility

BCEDP: Breast Cancer Early Detection Programs

Beverly Oncology & Imaging is creating access to early breast cancer detection programs. The California Department of Health Services’ Cancer Detection Section (CDS) administers the comprehensive Cancer Detection Programs: Every Woman Counts. This program, implemented October 1, 2002, incorporates health education; outreach activities, clinical services, and patient care management that provides women with necessary breast and cervical cancer screenings and follow-ups, at no cost to eligible women. Beverly Oncology is proud to be one of the first establishments to participate in this program back in the early 90's. Qualification for this program is based on a Primary Care Provider’s certification that a recipient is uninsured or underinsured based on the recipient’s disclosure, is over the age of 40, satisfies the income criteria, and lives in California.

For women who qualify, Cancer Detection Programs: Every Women Counts, provides the following services at no cost:

  • A Clinical breast examination
  • A Mammogram
  • Diagnostic tests, if indicated

Beverly Oncology & Imaging, a Medi-Cal licensed facility, is a strong advocate for the Every Woman Counts program. We provide patients with the highest quality care.

Prescription Discount Services

Quality of Life Comes First.

Medications that greatly aid cancer patients during treatment may sometimes be very expensive and difficult to find. Beverly Oncology & Imaging's patients are eligible for prescription discount services and all others should speak to their doctors for assistance. We maintain a program sponsored by several pharmaceutical companies that provide free prescription medications under the patient assistance program. Each pharmaceutical company determines the eligibility criteria for their program.

Most requirements are based on income. Eligibility criteria and application process vary depending on the company. It may be as simple as filling out an application with basic information, to completing a two-page application, providing proof of income (check stubs, income tax returns, etc), and your doctor writing a letter certifying the medical necessity of the prescription and financial burden of affording medication. Some companies require that the applicant be a U.S. resident, and others may help with a deductible or co-payment the patient is unable to cover.

Beverly Oncology & Imaging patients who would like to benefit from this service are asked to speak with their staff contact. Your staff contact will research the medication that is prescribed by your doctor and call the pharmaceutical companies to verify qualification for the assistance program. All doctors are able to provide you with information on prescription discount services and requirements for the program.

At Beverly Oncology & Imaging, we seek to service patient needs in every way we can. If you are interested in securing any of these services for yourself or a loved one, contact our facility today!

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