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Information for Rotating Gamma Patients

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What happens after you and your physician decide that radiosurgery is the best treatment option? Here is a step-by-step rundown of what to expect before, during and after treatment.

Before Treatment

  • Your doctor identifies a brain tumor or diagnoses your brain disorder or abnormality
  • Your doctor refers you to Beverly Oncology & Imaging for radiosurgery – an alternative, or follow-up, to open-skull surgery
  • Our staff coordinates with the doctors and your availability to schedule the next available appointment

On the Day of Treatment

  • The staff and nurse will greet you and review the procedure you are about to undergo; a family member or friend is welcome to join you for the day.
  • The neurosurgeon will affix a positioning headframe to the outside of your head; this stabilizes you during the procedure and maximizes targeting accuracy.
  • The nurse will escort you to the MRI room where an image is taken of your brain which is now outlined by the external headframe.
  • The medical physicist will use the MRI’s picture of your brain to develop a treatment plan.
  • You will lie on your back on the Rotating Gamma System bed. You will then be automatically maneuvered into the machine.
  • The radiation oncologist will operate the Rotating Gamma System remotely and talk you through the procedure; the actual radiation procedure takes on average between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

After Treatment

  • You will return home on the same day as your treatment; you will need a friend or family member to drive you and assist you that day.
  • Many patients can return to work or daily activities the day after treatment.
  • Recovery times vary; some patients experience immediate improvements, while others may take longer to notice results.
  • You will follow up with your neurosurgeon and doctor to track your recovery and progress, following the RGS procedure.

If you are interested in the benefits Rotating Gamma Technology provides, contact Beverly Oncology & Imaging today! We are recognized as experts in this field of medical technology, and always prioritize patient safety and health above all else.

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