Radiation Therapy: Rotating Gamma Technology


Radiation, or radiotherapy, is a form of cancer treatment that attacks cancerous cells, therefore slowing their growth or killing them completely. As one of the most popular forms of cancer treatment, roughly 50% of all cancer patients will undergo some form of radiation throughout their treatment.

What is Rotating Gamma Technology™?

Here at Beverly Oncology & Imaging, we utilize Rotating Gamma Technology™, a form of noninvasive brain surgery. By circling around a patient’s head, this device can target tumors or lesions with an incredibly high degree of accuracy. Because it only targets tumors and cancerous cells, we’re able to preserve as much surrounding healthy tissue as possible.

How Rotating Gamma Technology™ Works

Patients simply rest comfortably as two sets of “discs” rotate near and around their head. As these discs move, they emit radiation to tumors and unhealthy cells. The entire process is painless and patients can never feel the radiation they’re receiving.

Why Rotating Gamma Technology™ May be the Right Choice for You

Rotating Gamma Technology™ represents the gold standard of radiosurgery. Because it allows surgeons to precisely target tumors or other abnormalities in the brain, it’s proven to be a safe and effective alternative to invasive brain surgery.

This technology can also offer hope to people who have been told that invasive surgery is not an option, either because of the size of their tumor or because of where it’s located within their brain.

Beverly Oncology & Imaging offers state-of-the-art medical technology with greater convenience than hospitals can offer. We are leaders in our field, using cutting-edge technology like Rotating Gamma Technology™, External Beam therapy, and brachytherapy. Contact us today to discuss treatment options or to make an appointment.
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