Can I Work During Radiation Therapy?

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One of the greatest advantages of radiation therapy is that it doesn’t require patients to live in the hospital or even stay for several hours a day. Although treatments typically occur up to five times per week, they last no more than 15-30 minutes and are easy to work into a person’s schedule.

Maintaining a Normal Life Throughout Radiation Therapy

Though each person responds to treatment differently, we’ve found that many people don’t suffer from many side effects and still have the energy to work, spend time with family, and enjoy their hobbies.

If you’re working a full time job, we suggest telling your boss about your diagnosis. While some people are able to maintain their work schedule throughout the course of their treatment, others may need special accommodations, like a desk close to the bathroom, sick days, or work from home days.

Making The Most of Your Treatment

We know that it can be tempting to skip a treatment here and there when life gets hectic, but it’s so important to keep every one of your appointments. That being said, treatment can easily work around your life. In an effort to allow healthy tissue time to heal, we give patients two or more treatment-free days per week. If you’re planning an overnight or weekend trip, we can schedule your treatments around when you’ll be away and make sure you’re not skipping any.

Our goal at Beverly Oncology & Imaging is to stop your tumor from growing while still allowing you to live a happy and comfortable life.

Beverly Oncology & Imaging offers state-of-the-art medical technology with greater convenience than hospitals can offer. We are leaders in our field, using cutting-edge technology like Rotating Gamma Technology™, External Beam therapy, and brachytherapy. Contact us today to discuss treatment options or to make an appointment.

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