Exectutive Staff

Dr. John P. Thropay
Founder, Medical Director, and President

As Founder, Medical Director, and President of Beverly Oncology and Imaging (BOI) Medical Group, Dr. John P. Thropay’s mission is to provide the best possible outcomes for cancer patients.  His commitment to excellence is discoverable in his medical team’s unparalleled innovation in clinical skill, turnkey technology applications, and professional management.
Dr. Thropay opened his first radiation oncology center, in 1980.  Since then he has expanded the operation to seven outpatient clinics throughout Southern California and has earned distinction among the first freestanding outpatient clinics to be JCAHO-certified, thereby earning the same distinction for its safety guidelines and protocols as other larger and prestigious medical institutions.  Through these ventures, his mission has remained the same:  To provide the highest-quality cancer treatment care through a comprehensive set of wellness programs and support groups for his patients and their families and for the region’s multicultural population, regardless of socioeconomic background.
Dr. Thropay, a medical visionary and highly respected researcher in the war against cancer, along with his medical team, are renowned experts in administering IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation therapy), one of the most promising, revolutionary cancer treatment therapies available today.  A vast improvement over standard radiation, IMRT allows the delivery of extremely precise doses of radiation that destroys cancer cells while minimizing harm to surrounding healthy tissues.  Dr. Thropay was formally recognized by the Los Angeles City Council for being the first to bring this advanced technology to the Greater Los Angeles community.
While the adoption of IMRT has been rapid, less than five (5) percent of the world’s radiotherapy centers are treating patients with this technique, Dr. Thropay has been at the forefront in the development and application of this new procedure.  This is because IMRT requires physics expertise and sophisticated treatment planning capabilities, as well as linear accelerators to administer the treatment – all of which Dr. Thropay and his medical staff have provided at BOI’s outpatient centers for the past five years.
Building upon his IMRT expertise and his passion for scientific research, Dr. Thropay established Clinical Trials & Research Associates (CTRA) to develop some of the world’s latest breakthroughs to treat cancer in 1999.  He and his professional team became one of California’s full-time, freestanding and privately owned investigative sites authorized to conduct phase II-IV clinical research protocols.  CTRA consists of a well-qualified research staff that is highly trained to conduct outpatient research studies according to GCP (Good Clinical Practice) guidelines, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and Sponsor regulations.

Dr. Thropay’s passion for discovering breakthrough cancer treatments has garnered interest from other oncologists and medical professionals across the country to conduct joint clinical trials.  Results from his clinical research have appeared in a number of highly respected oncology trades and medical journals.
Dr. Thropay is highly respected for his clinical skills and also for his acumen in foreseeing future technological advances and their potential usages.  Notable examples are the integration of advanced technologies such as the Peacock IMRT System, MicroSelectron HDR, and frameless stereotactic radiosurgery, to treat brain tumors.

Ruth Lopez Novodor
CEO, Beverly Oncology & Imaging (BOI)
Medical Group, Inc.
Chairman of the Leadership Council for NFIB, California Former Chairman of the Board,
Latin Business Association (LBA)

Ruth Lopez Novodor serves as CEO for Beverly Oncology and Imaging (BOI) Medical Group, Inc., a position that she has held since 1980.  In this capacity, Ms. Lopez Novodor is responsible for the company’s business planning and execution of strategic goals.

During her tenure, Ms. Lopez Novodor has managed the strategic growth of BOI - from the establishment of its first radiation therapy center in the city of Montebello - to its seven present locations throughout Los Angeles County, Los Mochis Mexico and the Dominican Republic The company’s medical professional team is known for building a family-like relationship with each patient by demonstrating compassion and cultural sensitivity to provide the highest-quality cancer treatment for the region’s multi-cultural population.  Under her direction and execution, Ms. Lopez Novodor has helped this medical center achieve national recognition and industry credibility by receiving accreditation by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

In 2010 in response to the announcement of the freeze on state sponsored breast screening Ms. Lopez Novodor founded the Beverly Oncology Women’s Foundation (BOWF) a 501-C3 organization to provide screenings and early detection programs including free screening in communities with low rates of health insurance coverage, education, and general health care assistance.  BOWF now offers free screening on a quarterly basis in the East Los Angeles / Montebello areas, in Southern California.
Ms. Lopez Novodor also served as Partner and CEO for Americade Home Health Agency (AHHA).  AHHA served the L.A. and surrounding communities with a staff of 50 skilled nurses, home health aides, social workers, and occupational, speech, and respiratory therapists.  With a goal of better serving patients in their homes, Ms. Lopez Novodor facilitated a partnership between AHHA and BOI to provide true “end-to-end” cancer patient treatment services.

In addition, Ms. Lopez Novodor held a two-term Chairmanship of the Latin Business Association (LBA),  one of the largest organization of Latino business-owners in the United States during her tenure.  Under her leadership, she grew and championed the outreach to 43,000 Latino-owned businesses for  Fortune 500 and Global 2500 corporations, bringing the LBA to a new level of national prominence and international recognition.  By the end of her term,, the LBA’s procurement efforts had resulted in more than $330 million in contracts and loans to its members.  Additionally, the LBA forged a partnership with Peter F. Drucker, the country’s “father of management,” to produce management articles in English and Spanish for its business-to-business publication, the LBA Business Review Magazine; and facilitated the growth of  the annual Latino Business Expo, to one of the largest Latino business-to-business trade shows in the nation.

Ms. Lopez Novodor, along with her brother, John P. Thropay, M.D., co-founded and served as CEO of VivaHealth Services, Inc. (VSI), a healthcare management company.  Credited as her first entrepreneurial success, this first-of-its-kind HMO provided all-encompassing healthcare services in Spanish was specifically designed for the burgeoning Hispanic population in Southern California.  During her tenure at VSI, Ms. Lopez Novodor was responsible for establishing the first, all Spanish-speaking network of healthcare providers under the name “Spanish Speaking Health Professionals (SSHP),” as well as for designing the first Latino-oriented health risk assessment tool in conjunction with Latino’s Futures Group out of UCLA.

Concurrently, Ms. Lopez Novodor co-founded and served as CEO of VivaHealth Plan, a California HMO, from its inception and early days of organizing and planning in 1989, to licensure and operational status in March of 1994.  The Plan provided medical care to individuals through a wide range of primary care and specialty physicians in private practice settings, and through participating hospitals.  VivaHealth Plan provided all services in the Spanish language, with particular sensitivity and responsiveness to the Hispanic culture.

Ms. Lopez Novodor continues to balance her professional career, public service, and private life. She served as a Delegate to the White House Conference on Small Business in 1995.;She serves on the California Citizen’s Compensation Commission, an appointee of Governor Schwarzenegger; and serves as a board member of the Los Angeles City Workforce Investment Board, as an appointee of Mayor Villaraigosa. She serves on the national board of The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the largest small business advocacy organization representing over 300,000 small and independent businesses in Washington, D.C. and all 50 state capitals and serves as the Chairman of the Leadership Counsel for NFIB California.   She is  a member of The Trusteeship, an affiliate of The International Women’s Forum (IWF), a prestigious, worldwide organization of 3,800 preeminent women of significant and diverse achievement; a former Executive Council member for the Adaptive Business Leaders (ABL) Organization, a professional membership consisting of more than 100 health care CEOs and suppliers.  She has served as a Los Angeles Impact Task Force member, to which she was appointed by L.A. Mayor James Hahn to study and identify the impacts of the economic downturn since the September 11th terrorist attacks; a former member of Wells Fargo Bank’s Corporate Diversity Council; and a board member for El Proyecto del Barrio, a provider of comprehensive human services for Hispanics, and economically disadvantaged youth and adults, in the San Fernando Valley.  The YWCA of Greater Los Angeles awarded her the “Silver Achievement Award,” which is given only to those individuals who have distinguished themselves in the community through professional, volunteer, and/or philanthropic activities that have made a significant difference.  She currently serves as board member of the organization. 

Ms. Lopez Novodor holds an MBA and Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University. In 1996, she completed the Executive Program for Managed Care at the University of Missouri, at Kansas City’s National Center for Managed Health Care Administration, and Henry W. Bloch School of Business and Public Administration.

She is active with her husband and three children, and participates as a speaker at entrepreneurial conferences and community activities.

Willard Jerome Novodor
Willard J. Novodor has over 30 years experience in Manufacturing, Entertainment and Investment Banking & Finance.
In the mid 1970’s, Mr. Novodor started a garment manufacturing business, which boasted $53 million dollars in sales and 200 employees by 1980.  He then sold the business to a New York Stock Exchange listed company and retired in 1981.
After a short retirement, he began a career in the entertainment industry in late 1981.  He embarked on the production of various television series and created some of the first magazine format shows made for Television.  While immersed in this trade, he served as Vice President of Time Warner and Columbia Pictures.  Additionally, he served as President of Main Gate Entertainment.  During this tenure, he produced and financed eight full-length motion pictures.
In 1998, he retired for a second time and was asked by City National Bank to serve as Vice President and Senior Relationship Manager.  In this position, he developed the money management structure for non-profit organizations such as City of Hope, Queenscare Foundation and a number of medical practices and research organizations.  Throughout these years, he has managed funds for City of Hope, the University Cardiovascular Medical Group (in practice since 1955 and the largest heart transplant organization in the world), the Beverly Hills Surgery Centers (seven units opened in two years) and the Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital of Whittier.
Presently, Mr. Novodor serves as Co-CEO for Beverly Oncology & Imaging Medical Group, Inc., the largest freestanding independently owned cancer treatment center in California with facilities in the United States, Central and South America and the Caribbean.
In 2004, Mr. Novodor was awarded with the Medal of Liberty from the Peruvian Government, where, together with BOI, he is opening the first cancer treatment center serving the northern region of Peru.
Mr. Novodor received his Undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona.  He later attended the Southwestern School of Law where he obtained his law degree.
Mr. Novodor currently resides in Bradbury, California with his wife and three children.  He enjoys traveling, playing golf and is actively engaged in many sports with his youngest son.
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