History: BOI persistently seeks hope in cancer treatment

In May 1980, Doctor Thropay founded Beverly Oncology and Imaging Medical Group, Inc. after he completed both his medical schooling at UCLA and his residency at USC.  At this time, he created one of the first freestanding radiation centers in Southern California and began his earliest practice in Montebello.  He set his goal on providing technically advanced therapies in radiation to his own community.
History has demonstrated that BOI became a leading innovator by providing services of the broadest range to their patients.  The members of BOI endeavored to be the first in their community to provide the newest treatment technology. As a result, a year after BOI’s entrepreneurial beginning, Dr. Thropay put into practice the first treatment planning system that improved accuracy of targeting by 25%.  Keeping in BOI’s newly formed tradition of innovation, the next year, BOI put into operation the first One Minute CT in order to improve treatment-planning processes.
Increasing in size and purpose, in 1985, BOI opened its second office in the Wilshire / Fairfax community and, in 1987, its third office opened in Pasadena, With this expansion, in 1990, BOI installed the first Open Bore MRI in order to service both larger or claustrophobic patients.  BOI continued to advance by applying the first HDR (high Dose Radiation) with the Nucletron Corporation in LA County and in 1993 implemented the first frameless stereotactic radiosurgery system in Southern CA.
Setting full focus on operating the best and latest treatment capabilities in the area of radiation, in 1997, BOI installed the first 3D IMRT in a freestanding cancer care facility making BOI the fourth in CA to implement this technology. Early execution of IMRT allowed BOI to maintain the cutting edge on the experience curve, now treating over 1200 patients at our combined medical facilities.
The successes of IMRT coupled with Dr. Thropay’s enjoyment of research directed him to establish Clinical Trials and Research Associates (CTRA) in order to continuously search for better treatments for cancer patients.
At the break of the new millennium, after setting up 3DIMRT at Beverly Hills Oncology, BOI began using image-guided radiation with BAT technology. Because of BOI’s extensive experience and aim of advancement, in 2005, it acquired three new medical locations in Orange County and one in Downey aspiring to afford more communities with the latest in cancer treatment while remaining devoted to their Mission of Best Outcomes in Cancer Care 
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