"My favorite part of working with BOI is Dr. Thropay’s compassion and commitment to help patients in need and knowing I can also make a difference in a patient’s life."
-Sylvia Partida, Clinic Director
  Offering Services in Southern California

BOI is proud to offer the highest quality of treatment and patient care at their five clinical centers.  Each center offers different treatment options, various languages, and several doctors.  Having options allows you to select the clinic that is most comfortable and convenient for you to visit.  Also for you convenience we offer pick up and drop off services through our Transportation Department.

Montebello - Treatment Alhambra - Treatment
Montebello - Imaging
Montebello - Research  


Office: Address: Contact:
120 W. Beverly Blvd.
Montebello, CA  90640
323-724-8780 P
323-728-9936 F
The Montebello clinic was the first clinic to begin treating patients, under the care of Dr. Thropay in 1980.  Since then, it has outgrown itself and now houses Therapy, Nursing, Physics and Transportation.  The Nursing Unit includes an executive assistant, a clerk, two medical assistants, and two RNs.  The Therapy Unit has a chief radiation therapist, two radiation therapists and two radiation therapy aids.  The Physics Department is directed by a full time Medical Physicist, Albert Mesa.  The physics department includes an array of high tech treatment planning computers, a dosimetrist and a computer technician.  The Transportation Unit, headed by Thomas Meneses, includes five drivers.
Not only are we the first of the BOI clinics, we were also the first freestanding facility in America to implement IMRT in 1997; the first of all of radiation therapy centers in L.A. County and the fourth in the state of California.  The swift application of new treatments has enabled us to treat cancers that were otherwise untreatable and it has limited many side effects thus offering a better quality of life for cancer patients.  
Dr. Thropay is the main physician in Montebello; Dr. Rha and Dr. Chuang also service patients here.  In addition to IMRT we offer 3-D conformal and conventional radiation treatments.  Additionally, we address other patient’s needs such as support for medication, for those who are in need of financial assistance, early detection and clinical research programs. We encourage you to contact us for an appointment.  Services are provided in English, Spanish, and Chinese.
Office: Address: Contact:
80 S. Palm Avenue
Alhambra, CA 91801
626-571-6729 P
626-571-1170 F
The Monterey Park clinic offers IMRT, 3D conformal, Brachytherapy, and Mammosite technologies.  Dr. Thropay, Dr. Rha, Dr. Chuang, Dr. Au, and Dr. Rose plus nine staff members all work together to make this clinic one that always puts their patient at the highest level of priority.  The staff’s dedication thrives on knowing that they are making a difference in their patient’s lives.  Please contact us to schedule an appointment.  Services are provided in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Korean, and Tagalog.
Since June 15th, 2005, BOI officially owns three new medical offices in the Orange County area and one in Downey increasing our ability to serve you more comfortably.  These are the four addresses of the new clinics, two offices with their phone numbers.  More information about the new clinics relating to treatment options and further contact information will be posted shortly.  Thank you for your patience.  Until then, please call the office of your choice for more information or to schedule an appointment. 

Office: Address: Contact:
12555 Garden Grove Blvd., Suite 101
Garden Grove, CA  92843
714-530-5930 P
714-530-5675 F
Office: Address:  
3400 West Ball Road, Suite 101
Anaheim, CA  92804
323 517-9800 P
323-727-9574 F

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